How to Fix Power Supply Problems of Wireless Speakers

Bluetooth speakers differ from other types of wireless speakers in that they are designed for portability. That means that on one hand they are extremely small and on the other hand it typically work from internal batteries. Other types of wireless speakers, on the other hand, typically come with a wallwart power supply. In order to run the speakers continuously, you have to have the power supply plugged in. Some speakers will have both the battery option and also the option of plugging in the power supply. When the power supplies plugged in, the wireless speakers typically are going to recharge the batteries. However, every once in a while your speakers might not work. The most likely reason is that the speakers do not have sufficient power. In this post, I’m going to address the issue of resolving power supply …

Don‘t Be Deceived by Speaker Manufacturers

Let me take a look at some wireless speakers as an example for how manufacturers are sometimes deceiving the public. In particular, I will focus on the specifications because those are where the manufacturer is often tends to provide inaccurate information. Working with inaccurate specifications, and manufacturer can easily improve market share for their products. Obviously, that tactic is not fair competition. In order to provide more fairness, many economies have adapted certain standards when it comes to specifying audio products. I will look at some of the standards and see in how far those can be applied to wireless speakers.

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When marketing their products, manufacturers obviously want to showcase the advantages of their offerings. That is the case with virtually every product on the market. When two products are very similar in their price point, customers will usually prefer …

Should You Choose Bluetooth or Regular Wireless Speakers?

There are many types of wireless speakers available in the market. Bluetooth speakers account for about half the market share. The rest are wireless speakers which use technologies different from Bluetooth. It is not easy to decide which technology is best. I’m going to try to answer the question of whether it makes sense to pick Bluetooth or other types of wireless speakers.

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One of the main advantages of Bluetooth speakers is the fact that they can receive the signal from many portable devices such as cell phones and tablets. Therefore they do not require a dedicated transmitter unlike other wireless speakers. Not only are they more portable that way but also they are less expensive because they don’t need to include a transmitter unit. However, keep in mind that speakers require power. Very small speakers usually are operated from …